Redeeming Grace Worldwide Ministries, Inc.
129 Lovett Avenue, Newark, DE 19711 - 302-286-6862
Bishop Wayne O. Rudd, Senior Pastor & Lady Debbie Rudd
Apostle Marian L. Rudd, Founder & Overseer

Then the master told the servant, "Go out into the highways and along the hedges,  and compel them  to come in, so that my house may be filled [with guests]." Luke 14:23 AMP 

  129 Lovett Ave, Newark, DE, 19711 302-286-6862 

Our Senior Leadership

Our Senior Leaders oversee all aspects of our ministry and serve as mentors to all disciples of RGWM!

Apostle Marian L. Rudd

Founder & Overseer
Our Founder & Overseer, Apostle Marian L. Rudd is still very active and present in our ministry.   In 2018, we celebrate 30 years of her ministry!

Bishop Wayne &
Lady Debbie Rudd

Senior Pastor & First Lady
Bishop Wayne Rudd is the Senior Pastor of RGWM.  He is supported by his lovely wife, Lady Debbie Rudd, who also serves as our Praise & Worship Leader! 

Administration & Finance

Our Administration Team and Finance Team operate professionally and work closely together to ensure that RGWM operates effectively for the Glory of God! 
Individuals who serve in these capacities must be equipped personally and professionally as demonstrated through a resume and interview process.


Sister Christie Wright
The role of the administration department is to oversee the day to day operation of the church in conjunction with senior leadership. All non-financial correspondence starts with this department.  


Elder Sharon Fountaine, CFO

The trustees of RGWM maintain proper accounting of all church financial operations, assist in preparation of church annual budget, prepare special reports as directed by church administrator, supervise accounting procedures for weekly income from tithes and offerings, prepare and deliver bank deposits, and prepare and issue payroll and disbursement checks.

Our Music Ministry

Our Music Ministry members offer up their musical gifts and talents to lead the House of God into genuine Praise & Worship, in honor of our Lord!  If you are musically talented, this is a wonderful ministry to be a part of!  God inhabits the praises of His people. Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, flexibility, and timeliness are important in this ministry. Our minstrels are experienced, gifted, and anointed. 

Praise and Worship Leader

Lady Debbie Rudd
Lady Debbie heads our praise and worship team, including coordinating rehearsals and sound checks.

Praise & Worship Leader

Cameron Rudd
Cameron Rudd is another one of our Praise & Worship Leaders.  At such a young age, he has truly an anointing for worship and is able to bring a new sound to RGWM.


These auxiliaries are primarily focused on serving every person in the House of God.  Each auxiliary has a slightly different role, but all are designed to demonstrate the love and compassion for others as unto the Lord! If serving and helping others is your passion, one of these auxiliaries may be for you!


Sister Monet Beard
All greeters must be at church by 9:15 AM; cheerful, smiling and handing out church materials to visitors. These people exemplify faithfulness to ministry, are very pleasant, friendly and approachable. 


Deacon Monique Wing
 First impressions last a lifetime. A smile, hug, and/or hello go a long way. This ministry leads, directs and greets our visitors as they enter into the sanctuary. Their responsibility is to assure our visitors are comfortable by providing bulletins, bibles, fans  and information. A kind and patient heart belongs in this division of ministry.


Sister Denise Royster

The Nurses of RGWM attend to the needs of our Leaders and other Pastors and Ministers during services and may perform in the role of an adjutant when visiting other churches. These individuals are true servants at heart. They are organized and watchful. They must have the ability to multitask and move swiftly to serve our preachers and visiting preachers.  

Outreach and Community Service

These auxiliaries spearhead our Community Outreach in their various capacities.  If you love to serve, these are the auxiliaries for you!

Missionary Ministry

Elder Theresa Anderson
This ministry focuses on spiritually uplifting those who are sick and shut in by sending cards, flowers and giving words of encouragement. The missionary committee ministry is designed to meet both the physical and spiritual needs of the individual, often times by helping with daily house chores, fixing of meals as well as prayer. A willing spirit and loving heart drives these members to be used by God in such a mighty way in nursing homes as well.

Outreach Ministry

Mother Arlene Eaddy-Beard
This ministry encompasses the entire body of Christ.  The great commission given to all, "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.  Teaching them to observe all things."  Matt 28:19-20  Outreach programs consist of outdoor fellowships, clothe and food giveaways, and services to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and lead lost and dying souls to salvation.  The desire is to meet the physical needs and the spiritual needs, stressing the importance of having a personal relationship with God and teaching one how to make the LORD the head of your life.

Culinary Committee

Deacon Ron Wing
Responsible for making our fellowship churches feel like they are home away from home when they come visit us. They are excellent cooks, servants, and event planners. 

Special Interest Groups

These groups are for those looking for a special group to connect with.  We have a Women's Ministry, Men's Ministry, and Youth & Young Adult Ministry, catering to those groups who are looking for some special events and teaching, specifically related to them!

Poised with Power
Women's Ministry

Lady Debbie Rudd

Women uniting women. We provide shoulders to cry on and sisters to laugh with. Enhance your position as a woman. 

Men's Ministry

Bishop Wayne Rudd
The Men's Ministry is hosted by our very own Bishop Rudd. He is building a safe place for men to come and be a part of a brotherhood.