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Bishop Wayne O. Rudd, Senior Pastor & Lady Debbie Rudd
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Then the master told the servant, "Go out into the highways and along the hedges,  and compel them  to come in, so that my house may be filled [with guests]." Luke 14:23 AMP 

  129 Lovett Ave, Newark, DE, 19711 302-286-6862 

Youth Pastors CJ & Shakeena Wilson

Working together in Ministry to win souls in the younger generation!

Shakeena Wilson

Youth Pastor

Shakeena D Wilson is the Youth Pastor of Redeeming Grace Worldwide Ministries, Newark, DE. She was born in Philadelphia, PA. in 1978. Youth Pastor Wilson along with her son Jadyn, relocated to Newark, DE. It was then that she married the King of her castle, Minister Charles H Wilson, III.

Pastor Wilson's educational accomplishments include: graduating from, Martin L. King High School and beginning secondary education at Slippery Rock University. She aspires to attend Delaware State University to complete her nursing degree.

Pastor Wilson accepted Christ at the age of 10yrs old, at her grandmother's one summer. Even in her youth she took her faith seriously and this was evidenced by her being very active in the children's choir, usher board, YPWW, and being trained as a Jr. Missionary/Evangelist at B.M Oakley Memorial Temple Church of God in Christ.

In 2010 God laid a burden on Pastor Wilson's heart for the youth and young adults. This was a difficult transition from creative movement (which is her passion and expertise) but she was adequately equipped w/ compassion, love, transparency and understanding to evolve her passion into God's passion, His children's souls. Pastor Wilson served as the President of the Youth Department with supervision by former Youth Pastor Wayne Rudd. With Pastor Rudd's guidance and Pastor Wilson's leadership "When Young People Worship" was created. When Young People Worship is a popular service for young people to come minister and be free in praise and worship in their own unique way. Many young people have been saved, healed, delivered, and re-dedicated as a result of this service. After several years of success, labor, and consideration by Her Bishop Marian Rudd and GOD, Pastor Wilson was elevated to Youth Pastor June 22, 2013.

Pastor Wilson has triumphed over many obstacles in life to make her effective and proficient in this capacity of ministry. There is no story any young person can tell her that will catch her off guard. She is certainly more than a conquer; conquering feelings of rejection, abandonment, shame, guilt, embarrassment, and longing for love in all the wrong places. Pastor Wilson has been through the fire and is now shining like pure gold. She in no way believes that she is free from future trial and tribulation, but she is strong enough to "Handle the Process," and get others though theirs.

In addition to the unmerited Love of God and her husband since 2005, her children are her motivation and biggest supporters. They are Jadyn, Chasity, and Joshua, her first ministry.

Under her Shepherd, Bishop Marian Rudd, God is trusting Pastor Wilson to "win the lost at any cost" and she is surely sold out to do just that!

CJ Wilson

Youth Pastor

Charles H Wilson, III, in oneness with his powerful wife Shakeena Wilson, is the Youth Pastor of Redeeming Grace Worldwide Ministries, Newark, DE. He was born in Havre De Grace, Maryland and raised in Wilmington, DE. He is the son of Pastor, Rev. Charles H. Wilson Jr and Mrs Alphera Cevis Young.

Affectionately known as Minister CJ, his ministerial journey starts at the young age of 5, having recognized his passion for music, starting with the drums. He would often practice playing drums on cans until he had an opportunity to play the drums in church. Youth Pastor first started playing drums full time at the age of 8 at Scott A.M.E. Zion Church in Wilmington, DE where the pastor was his father. He played there for the next 7 years until he was afforded an opportunity, with his Pastor's blessing, to play at a local church and create income.

Minister CJ would continue to play at this local church until an accident occurred that ruptured nerves and tendons in his left hand, leaving his masterful percussionist abilities temporarily altered after requiring surgery. It was during this time that he started to fiddle on the organ with his right hand while playing the bass notes with the bass pedals of the organ. He continued to push through his misfortune and what the enemy meant for bad turned around for his good, he effectively got back on the drums and was able to meet new people, developing lifelong friendships that led him to become a full-time drummer for a thriving church in the area, Redeeming Grace Worldwide Ministries.

Pastor Wilson didn't foresee anything more than music at the time, but God had a different plan. Minister CJ eventually joined RGWM, under the leadership of then, Bishop Marian Rudd, and that's when evolution musically and spiritually began! He would then become part of the Youth Department called Generation Excellence, at that time, in which he served and eventually became Vice President. Generation Excellence began to thrive and was known for their Annual Youth Conferences and musicals. It was during this time that the Youth Department was able to bring in artists and musicians that would become nationally known, such as Bishop George Bloomer, Anthony Brown (Group Therapy), Tye Tribbett, and many others. During his service as vice president, the youth choir, MLR Ensemble, would come back and Minister CJ was the leading director for the choir. With the momentum that the Youth Choir picked up, they would begin to function as the church choir of RGWM and would be responsible for singing every week. It was during this time that his creative song-writing gift evolved and his spiritual walk became more serious as he then realized that there was a direct line of communication between he and God. By the leading of the Holy Spirit through Bishop 

Marian Rudd, Minister CJ became the church organist. There was major hesitation as the organ was not his primary craft, but again, God had a different plan. His "yes" allowed God to accelerate his skill with ease and proficiency, opening various doors to play for and with many local and national musicians and artists. He is now the Minister of Music at RGWM.

In addition to being minister of music, Youth Pastor CJ was licensed as a minister of the Gospel in June 2013. Having proved himself effective, powerful, anointed, transparent, reachable, and favored by God, under the now leadership of Bishop Wayne O Rudd. Minister CJ has officially joined his wife as youth pastor since February 2016.

For Minister CJ, life as he knows it is now just beginning as he embarks on this new phase of service in ministry with his family, Wife; Shakeena and Children; Jadyn, Chasity, and Joshua, by his side, the next generation!